A Vital Condition to Well-Being: Humane Housing: Exploring how stable housing promotes better health

January 13, 2020

Safe and stable housing can promote good health and enhance well-being when it is within reach of public transportation, healthy foods, medical care, schools and other vital destinations, but it comes at a high cost and continues to be inaccessible to many.

A Vital Condition to Well-Being: Lifelong Learning: Exploring how a quality education ensures healthy living

January 13, 2020

National studies have found that people with more education report being in better health when compared to people with less education. Education’s impact on well-being not only adds to personal fulfillment, it helps to extend life expectancy and even makes the next generation healthier.

Want Your Community to be More Welcoming? Here’s how.

January 10, 2020

Over the last decade Welcoming America has supported civic leaders across the country to build trust and navigate the sweeping demographic changes in their communities.

Local Leaders as Bridgebuilders: Learning from Exemplars

January 10, 2020

What does it take to be a bridgebuilder in an era of mistrust and political discord? Five themes emerged from in-depth interviews with government, nonprofit sector and business leaders in two North Carolina cities.

Take a Seat at Oregon’s Kitchen Table: Adapting Targeted Universalism for Broad and Deep Civic Engagement

January 10, 2020

Universal programs often distribute resources where they are not most needed. Targeted programs, on the other hand, are politically vulnerable. Targeted universalism sidesteps those problems by focusing on broad goals followed by specific strategies.

“Infogagement” and Chicago’s 2019 City Elections

January 10, 2020

An experiment in deliberatively-enhanced journalism is offering important lessons on the potential for using online platforms to educate and engage the public during election season.

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