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One of the Nation’s Oldest and Most Respected Journals of Civic Affairs

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  • Civic Engagement and Inclusion Through Art

    Through creating and presenting art, individuals are able to start conversations about divisive social problems in an inclusive way that encourages dialogue instead of antagonism. Through experiencing art, we are able to engage with that dialogue and provide a positive outlet for anxiety, frustration, or confusion.

  • Corporations are on the Leading Edge of the Equity Movement. They Just Don’t Know It.

    Achieving racial equity in corporate America means much more than implementing diversity and inclusion programs. The time has come for corporations to completely reimagine their efforts by stretching beyond HR-focused programs and policies and centering on equity and justice.

  • Overcoming Polarization through Local Dialogue and Story-Telling

    Civic connection and cohesion have diminished in too many places in recent years, as have our levels of trust in institutions and ability to take collective action for the common good. As our disconnections have become increasingly apparent, individuals and organizations have recognized a need to restore connections that have been strained as well as create connections that may never have existed.

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