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  • The New Town Hall: Deliberating Online to Connect Constituents and Lawmakers

    More than a dozen members of Congress participated in a novel constituent engagement experiment online. The results of that experiment should hearten anyone who deals with the public, at whatever level.

  • Public Art and the Art of Public Participation

    Public art plays an invaluable role in the process of community building. Not only does it establish and beautify public spaces, it expresses and supports a sense of neighborhood history, culture and identity and helps drive economic vitality. One aspect of increasing interest is participatory public art, in which the public plays an active role rather than merely being appreciative viewers.

  • Authentic Community Engagement Creates Transformational Change for Children

    Just as the All-America City Award winners demonstrated, when we engage the whole community, we can thrive together. Authentic community engagement emboldens us to envision and create new models, cross-sector partnerships, broad networks and game-changing resources – the tools that society needs to remove hurdles for children.

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