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  • An Urban Reality Check: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

    The Coronavirus pandemic has brought new levels of crisis to issues ranging from urban inequality to disparate healthcare access to housing and economic security. The crisis has highlighted the fact that America has yet to come to terms with its urban reality and the centrality of our cities to our future success.

  • When Journalists Ride the Bus: Covering issues as shared public problems

    When news organizations help people connect to issues and their community, it strengthens democracy and has the potential to create more trust in the media. In return, reporters often get stories rich in nuance, with far different angles than they would have gotten without listening to people first.

  • The Reform Legacy of William Dudley Foulke

    The League remembers one of its past presidents and one of the most active (and least remembered) leaders of the Age of Reform. As an attorney, author, translator and Indiana state senator, his advocacy encompassed a broad range of reform issues from women’s suffrage to proportional representation.

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