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One of the Nation’s Oldest and Most Respected Journals of Civic Affairs

Its cases studies, reports, interviews and essays help communities learn about the latest developments in collaborative problems-solving, civic engagement, local government innovation and democratic governance. Some of the country’s leading doers and thinkers have contributed articles to this invaluable resource for elected officials, public managers, nonprofit leaders, grassroots activists, and public administration scholars seeking to make America’s communities more inclusive, participatory, innovative and successful.

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  • Equity: A Natural Next Step in City Evolution*

    There are many reasons why cities can be effective leaders of efforts to promote economic mobility and other equity initiatives. Cities can frame appropriate responses because they are close to the problem.

  • Building and Measuring Civic Capital—the Capacity of a Community to Solve Problems and Thrive

    Communities are more likely to thrive when residents, businesses, and other stakeholders play active roles in shaping decisions and taking action. The notion that “government cannot do it alone” was an important part of de Tocqueville’s message, and it is increasingly evident in times of limited resources.

  • The National Civic League Turns 125

    Through its century and a quarter history, the organization has been at the center of innovative efforts to improve the civic life of America’s communities. What began as a nuts and bolts “good government” reform organization has evolved over time along with the changing nature of our communities and the challenges they face.

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