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The National Civic League has been a clearinghouse for information and other resources in the field of civic affairs since 1912. Our expertise is found in promptly responding to the needs of both residents and community leaders. Many of our resources are available for free to members.

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Civic Index-Membership Works Troubleshooting

The League has gathered the following external resources that are relevant to the fields of civic engagement, good governance and more.

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Civic Index – 4th Edition, 2019

For 30+ years, the Civic Index has been the most powerful way to measure a community’s civic capital – the formal and informal relationships, networks and capacities communities use to make decisions and solve problems.

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The All-America Conversations Toolkit

All-America Conversations are conversations that engage residents in talking about the kind of community they want and what it will take to get there. These conversations focus on the small, specific actions that give people a sense of confidence that we can work across dividing lines to create stronger, more equitable communities.

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A Framework for a Financial Sustainability Index

The framework provides a new set of tools and techniques to help local government leaders develop systems of governance and decision-making that will make their communities more financially sustainable. It addresses both technical concerns and the psychological and interpersonal aspects of financial governance that have a critical impact on how decisions are made.

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9th Edition

Model City Charter

The Model City Charter serves as a “blueprint” for communities seeking to draft or revise their own home-rule charters. A city charter establishes the framework for how a municipal government operates—its structure, responsibilities, functions, and processes.

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Community Resource Guide

Guide for Charter Commissions

This publication helps communities decide when and how to draft or review their home rule charters. It provides useful information on how to set up a charter review commission, who should serve on it and how to engage community members in the process.

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Community Resource Guide

Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook

Based on decades of hands-on experience by National Civic League staff, the Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook helps communities convene diverse groups of stakeholders to envision and implement ambitious goals for the future with an inclusive process for planning and decision-making.

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Making Public Participation Legal

The publication helps city attorneys and other legal advisors make recommendations in an changing context of public participation and democratic governance for which there are few clear laws or legal precedents.

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Community Resource Guide

Model Executive Orders to Secure Equity

The National Civic League has researched executive orders and ordinances designed to improve equity and inclusiveness. We encourage you to use these models to develop ordinances or other public policies in your city. If your city has an ordinance or an executive order to share with others, please feel free to submit it to [email protected].

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