The All-America Conversations Toolkit

All-America Conversations are conversations that bridge divides in the community and engage residents in talking about the community they want to create together.

These conversations focus on the small, specific actions that give people a sense of confidence that we can work across dividing lines to create stronger, more equitable communities. The All-America Conversations Toolkit contains a wealth of resources and tips that can be applied to any kind of engagement effort.

The toolkit walks you through:

  1. How to identify whom you want to engage and how to recruit participants
  2. Where to hold the conversations
  3. How to set up the room
  4. Selecting and preparing facilitators and note takers
  5. What questions to ask
  6. How to adapt the conversation guide to different types of meetings
  7. The kit also includes a tips for facilitators and note takers, a note taking tool, ground rules, a sign-in sheet, sample recruitment letter, sample email to engage the media around these conversations.

After you download the All-America Conversations Toolkit, schedule a free consulting/coaching call to get help in setting up your own local conversations.

Email [email protected] to set up your free All-America Conversations consulting call. These calls are a chance to discuss your local challenges and concerns around engagement or to answer questions about the Toolkit.

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