Rebecca’s Test Article for MW Trouble Shooting

January 22, 2024

Rebecca's Test article for MW Troubleshooting

Integrating Participatory Budgeting and Institutionalized Citizens’ Assemblies: A Community-Driven Perspective

December 21, 2023

There is a growing excitement in the democracy field about the potential of citizens’ assemblies and the use of “mini-publics” to deliberate on important public issues. What could proponents of this innovative practice learn from the 30-year history of participatory budgeting?

Governing with Compassion (and Data): An interview with former Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer

December 21, 2023

His two terms as mayor were notable for Louisville’s success in attracting jobs and launching innovative initiatives to promote higher education opportunities and provide affordable housing for residents. But his tenure was also punctuated by tragedy and hardship with the onslaught of the COVID pandemic and a controversial police shooting.

Systemic Solutions for Dismantling the American Gerontocracy

December 21, 2023

Throughout U.S. history, young people have faced systematic exclusion from the political process. To tackle this issue, we need to confront the reality that young people are not uninterested, but disenfranchised, and start acknowledging how past and present government policy negatively affects their participation in elections.

The “Heart of America” Annual Survey Results: A Counterpoint to the Narrative of Polarization

December 21, 2023

A health equity group and a respected research firm conducted 1,304 online interviews in the summer of 2023 to gauge whether the country is as divided as it seems. The poll results were surprising in these troubled times. They provide a reality check on the perception of widespread backlash against efforts to achieve racial and gender justice.

Can Journalists Use New Technologies to Build a Trusting, Sustaining Relationship with their Audiences?

December 21, 2023

To address financial sustainability and counteract public skepticism about the press’ objectivity, some news platforms are experimenting with new technologies like Blockchain, and leaning on public engagement, particularly dialogue and listening campaigns.

Everything’s a Rule: In Legislative Theatre, Every Citizen Is a Policy Analyst

December 21, 2023

With a practice known as “Legislative Theatre,” communities who are directly impacted by oppressive policies and systems devise a play that frames those problems through their lived experience and perform it for audiences of peers, neighbors, advocates, and policymakers. Then, those audiences act onstage to rehearse ways to confront the problems presented and test new policies in real time.

Truth and Reconciliation for Racial Equity: Case Studies and Early Reactions from an Interdisciplinary Research Team

December 21, 2023

Ohio State University researchers have been investigating the growing number of communities across the United States that are creating Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to advance racial equity. Beginning in January 2022, this interdisciplinary group of faculty members began systematically preserving, coding, and analyzing several US-based uses of these processes.

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