The Harrison Community Task Force on Race Relations: An Arkansas Town Takes a Stand Against Racism

December 30, 2022

How a group of civic leaders formed alliances and organized their residents to promote racial healing and dispel their community’s reputation as a “racist town.”

Decatur’s Anti-Racism Speaker Series: Responding to the Call to Speak

December 28, 2022

The city’s "Antiracism Speaker Series" was informed by a commitment to aid those working, worshipping, and learning as they build connections across their differences, develop a deeper appreciation of their commonalities, and adopt impactful and inclusive organizational practices.

Addressing Ageism and Rethinking Workforce Development

December 28, 2022

An aging population requires a new way of thinking about what the workplace looks like. It is not going to be a race to see who can attract the most young people. We have to learn how to accommodate older people, and not just accommodate older workers, but think about what kinds of opportunities this shift could provide for us.

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