Overcoming Economic Barriers to Racial Healing and Equity

October 29, 2021

Reducing gaps in income and wealth requires acknowledging and honoring the equal value of all people, investing in communities that have been historically disenfranchised, and rectifying past wrongdoings to ensure such disparities in economic opportunity and access are not passed along to future generations.

Strategies to Address Barriers Created by the Legal System

October 29, 2021

The false belief in racial and ethnic hierarchy has been infused throughout the U.S. legal system and operates through laws, public policies, and accompanying practices and norms. Whether deliberately or unintentionally, laws and policies have enabled, sustained, and exacerbated unequal treatment of people of color.

Ending Separation through Zoning, Housing, Transportation, and School Integration

October 29, 2021

Segregation has been deemed a form of “opportunity hoarding,” conferring benefits of homeownership, high-quality schools, and access to political power and other resources to white people. The effects are immense.

Racial Healing and Relationship-Building

October 29, 2021

Racial healing is about building relationships, connecting people, and expanding the circles of engagement needed for overcoming racial hierarchy and building political will. It is a precursor to meaningful and sustainable policy change.

Narratives of Racial Healing and Change

October 29, 2021

Achieving racial equity and healing from the trauma of centuries of legal, institutional, and structured racial hierarchy requires transforming our experiences, stories, and understandings about the equal and inherent value of all humanity.

Introduction—Healing through Policy: Creating Pathways to Racial Justice

October 29, 2021

This is a moment of unprecedented momentum for racial healing and change. Working together, local jurisdictions, activists, public officials, community and civic leaders are boldly paving the way forward, creating pathways to overcome barriers erected by structural and systemic racism.

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