125 Examples of Civic Capital: #121 – 125

In honor of our 125th Anniversary, we will be using our newsletter to highlight 125 projects or initiatives that use civic capital to solve problems and build equitable, thriving communities. These cities have been recognized for engaging community members in collaborative efforts to improve education, health care, economic prosperity and the general quality of life. Today, examples 121-125:

  1. Gothenburg, NE– Gothenburg is a community that takes care of its own. The four programs that make up the Food Access Initiative are additional ways to ensure that everyone in the community has access to healthy foods.
  2. Rancho Cordova, CA– US News and World Report painted a discouraging picture of Cordova High School, scoring its college readiness rating at 1.7 out of 100. The in-house suspension teacher sought to turn these statistics and the lives of the students around with the Mentors at Cordova High (MACH) program.
  3. Wichita, KS– During a series of “No Ferguson Here” meetings, citizens expressed anger and disappointment in the way their police force interacted with the community, accusing officers of racial profiling and excessive use of force. As a result of these meeting, key priorities were established, and the police department began restoring relationships with the community members they serve.
  4. Edinburg, TX– A 2018 Wallethub.com study ranked Edinburg’s metro area as the overall third Fattest City in America, behind Little Rock, Arkansas and Shreveport, Louisiana. Due to these and other findings, Edinburg is undertaking city-wide wellness projects to ensure all residents, especially the most vulnerable, have barrier-free access to opportunities for improved health.
  5. Livingston County, NY– Despite being named one of the healthiest counties by the 2016 Community Health Assessment, Livingston County struggles with high obesity rates. The Be Well in Livingston initiative was incorporated into the Livingston County Community Health Improvement Plan with a focus on obesity prevention among those with low social economic status.

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