125 Examples of Civic Capital: #81 – 90

In honor of our 125th Anniversary, we will be using our newsletter to highlight 125 projects or initiatives that use civic capital to solve problems and build equitable, thriving communities. These cities have been recognized for engaging community members in collaborative efforts to improve education, health care, economic prosperity and the general quality of life. Today, examples 81-90:

  1. Independence, OR. After gathering extensive public input for a planning process, the city carried that momentum forward by creating public design committees and task forces to support important infrastructure projects. A new main street streetscape, amphitheater and library were all guided by public committees.
  2. Kershaw County, SC. Kershaw County embraces the changing faces of its rapidly growing community, balancing its rural past and suburban future, with its business owners, residents and elected officials reflecting that diversity and building programs to ensure equity in healthcare.
  3. Mission, TX. Citizens raised concerns of obesity, diabetes and other health issues to the city council a few years ago, and a keen interest in tennis became a part of the solution.
  4. Charlotte, NC. PIECE is a collaboration among the city, local businesses and nonprofit organizations to provide training and employment in the construction industry to economically challenged segments of the Charlotte community.
  5. West Hollywood, CA. LGBT youth and adults come to West Hollywood seeking safety and self-determination, but sometimes lack adequate support networks and end up without housing. The City of West Hollywood set out to create a robust system of support for the unique needs of its homeless population.
  6. San Antonio, TX. With the community-at-large as their North Star, San Antonio intentionally works toward equitable outcomes and community results. Creating a vision with the community utilizes civic engagement, as residents prioritize exactly what to continue to work toward.
  7. Mount Pleasant, SC. Mount Pleasant is experiencing explosive growth and has put several programs in place to help all stakeholders navigate the complex planning and zoning processes that govern development.
  8.  Somerville, MA. Teen Empowerment (TE) engages young people as leaders in local efforts to turn their peers away from violence, gangs, and drugs, and toward positive community involvement.
  9. El Paso, TX. The City of El Paso’s vision is that El Paso will have safe and beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant regional economy, and exceptional recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities. That vision was established in the City’s 2015 Strategic Plan and is based on comprehensive community outreach.
  10. Hayward, CA. Hayward, California seized upon the opportunity to create a new fire station which also provided health care to low income residents. By creating a dual purpose facility, Hayward built upon trust in first responders and offered health care to a critically under-served population.

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