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Elections Change Charters; Revised Model Coming

November 25, 2020

Many cities adopted charter revisions in the election on Nov. 3, shepherding in police reforms and changes to the local power structure. In the midst of this constantly changing picture,...

Study Shows Less Corruption in City Manager Systems

August 29, 2019

Local governments led by city managers are 57% less likely to have corruption, according to a study published in the last issue of Public Administration Review (July/August). The study, by...

City Managers and Civic Engagement

December 21, 2018

How do city managers engage a public that often seems sidelined and reluctant to get involved? What happens when interrelated networks of people engage around the shared challenge of addressing...

Learning About Democratic Practices with City Managers

August 24, 2018

The National Civic League is working with the Charles F. Kettering Foundation to organize “learning exchanges” to explore the ways professional city managers engage with members of the public to...

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