The Future of News really is News for US

January 6, 2022

A new book takes a fresh look at the press and evaluates the current multi-layered information network that is available to anyone for free. It asks, in essence, what is it that journalists bring to the party? Provocatively, the authors ask journalists to consider a different set of professional norms than those that prevailed for the last century or so.

What we Have Learned from Public Engagement on Race and Equity

January 5, 2022

Race has played a key role in the development of public engagement practices in the U.S., not just on issues relating directly to cultural identity but in engagement on education, policing, immigration, health, budgeting, and many other priorities.

Refunctioning the Police in Longmont

January 5, 2022

With Longmont’s community-centric approach to public safety, success means a decreased need for policing and increased citizen capacity to handle the everyday conflicts of community life.

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