Blogging for Community Engagement Learning—An Experiment

October 12, 2017

Blogs come in many flavors and are a primary information source for a growing portion of the citizenry. From Facebook personal notes to the social and political commentary of Huffington Post or, blogging often aims for reaction or for personal interests.

Suggsville USA: A Composite Case Study of Democratic Practices in Communities

October 12, 2017

If the public that a democracy requires is a citizenry in-motion, a citizenry working together to solve common problems and create a better life, where can it be found? Xavier de Souza Briggs thinks it is in communities.

A Brief Interview with National Civic League President Doug Linkhart

October 12, 2017

Doug Linkhart joined the National Civic League as president in December 2015 to replace Gloria Rubio-Cortes, who served in that role with distinction for eight years. He served as an elected official for 18 years, having been a Colorado State Representative, Colorado State Senator, and Denver City Council member.

Looking Beyond Our Recent Past

October 12, 2017

Democratic theory, in the words of John Dryzek, took a “strong deliberative turn” in the 1990s (p. 1). What has emerged since that time has been a robust scholarly discussion about deliberative democracy and its theoretical dimensions, as well as the development and recognition of a field of practice that continues to develop.

Building Bridges

October 12, 2017

When Scott Nadeau was hired in 2008 as the Columbia Heights police chief, he brought a new perspective to the community that borders northeast Minneapolis. His ideas had been shaped through his work as a beat officer in another Minneapolis suburb and his experience as a big brother for the Big Brother, Big Sister program.

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