Creating Partnerships for Effective Youth Civic Learning

August 2, 2022

Civic learning can take many forms, with research demonstrating that applied civic learning opportunities that actively engage students in informed action have the most beneficial impacts, and the benefits of these experiences extend beyond the individual youth participants, to improve a broad range of youth, school, and community outcomes.

A Guide to Capturing Youth Input

July 20, 2021

Programs serving youth are often developed and implemented with little or no input from the people that use them, so it is not surprising when those programs fail to attract youth interest or effectively serve their needs. Research demonstrates that engaging the target population in the planning, content and delivery of programs increases the likelihood of success.

Increasing Voter Turnout in Local Elections  

April 7, 2020

Voter turnout in local elections is often much lower than in national elections, especially among minorities and young people. What can communities do to encourage higher levels of voter participation?

Civic Hackathons for Youth

January 13, 2020

Civic leaders are looking for ways to engage younger members of the public and mine community data for insights and solutions. Civic hacking is one good way for cities and organizations to promote both learning and public participation.

Public Art and the Art of Public Participation

October 4, 2019

Public art plays an invaluable role in the process of community building. Not only does it establish and beautify public spaces, it expresses and supports a sense of neighborhood history, culture and identity and helps drive economic vitality. One aspect of increasing interest is participatory public art, in which the public plays an active role rather than merely being appreciative viewers.

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