So You Want to be an All-America City?

The Promising Practices Webinars

Tips from Previous Winners on Becoming an All-America City

Community presentations are an essential part of the All-America City experience. Finalist communities have 10 minutes to present the story of their work and their community to a jury of national civic experts. Communities are free to create performances that best tell their story – including everything from straightforward presentations to skits, from mock TV shows to heartfelt stories, from dancing to spoken-word poetry and rap.

Teams from other finalist communities fill the audience to watch one another present the story of their work. These presentations give other communities a chance to learn from their peers and cheer one another on. Whatever form they take, these presentations are a powerful, inspiring and educational experience.

Previous winning communities presented on their All-America City journey with tips for applying, the types of projects they submitted and an update on the benefits they have seen from winning the award.

2016 All-America City Brown Deer, Wisconsin

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