Opioids, Suicide and Local Solutions

Startling statistics in a recent New York Times article reveal that, “Twenty years ago, less than 1,000 deaths a year were attributed to fentanyl and synthetic opioids. In 2017, more than 1,000 Americans died from synthetic opioid overdoses every two weeks, topping 28,000 for the year.” Additionally, suicides by gun increased 22 percent and suicide by suffocation rose 42 percent in the last decade.

Despite these discouraging statistics, we are seeing local efforts successfully combat both epidemics. In his recent article, Opioid Addiction: Finding Your Leadership Voice to Change the Narrative , in the National Civic Review, Christian Sinclair details how one county came together to address these issues.

Dr. Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD , Chief Strategy Officer for Well Being Trust, also sees reason to hope, “It’s hard not to be discouraged. But I’m on the road a lot and what brings me hope is the innovation that’s coming up from local communities. We see communities rising to the challenge, and that’s what gives me hope.”

Well Being Trust is a national foundation committed to advancing the mental, social and spiritual health of the nation. The Well Being Trust will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming All-America City Awards & Conference.

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