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Mentors at Cordova High (MACH)- Rancho Cordova, CA

US News and World Report painted a discouraging picture of Cordova High School, scoring its college readiness rating at 1.7 out of 100. The in-house suspension teacher sought to turn these statistics and the lives of the students around with the Mentors at Cordova High (MACH) program.

Mather Veterans Village- Rancho Cordova, CA

Housing to support the unique needs of homeless and disabled veterans was virtually non-existent in Rancho Cordova At least that was the case before the opening of Rancho Cordova’s Mather Veterans Village (MVV), where new, permanent supportive and transitional housing for more than 150 homeless and disabled veterans became a place for vets to call home.

Soil Born Farms: Feeding Body and Soul- Rancho Cordova, CA

California may fill the nation’s grocery carts, thanks to a robust agricultural economy, but the health of residents living in urban spaces like Rancho Cordova continues to decline due to lack of access to healthy, locally-produced food, and health education. Soil Born Farms stepped-in to turn urban residents into farmers, teach good nutrition, and creatively leverage community resources.

Cordova Community Council – Rancho Cordova, CA

The Cordova Community Council is a citizen-based 501(c)(3) organization that has offices in the Rancho Cordova City Hall and receives much of its funding from the city. The Council was founded in 1959 as a collaboration of several community organizations, and essentially operates as the city’s community affairs arm.

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