New Horizons High School- Pasco, WA

New Horizons is an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)/Trauma informed school. Many of the New Horizons 270+ students have encountered life events that make the traditional high school model challenging. Staff is intentional about how it can remove barriers for students, including childcare, food, and health education.

Hot Spotters- Pasco, WA

In recent years people with mental illness have had an increasing number of encounters with law enforcement, including two officer-involved shootings. To avoid future conflicts and provide more appropriate treatment of people with mental illness, Pasco’s police department created a collaboration called Hot Spotters, in which the city works with nonprofit agencies, courts, families and other stakeholders to identify high-risk individuals and create plans for each that offer services and prepare law enforcement to handle contacts appropriately.

Structural Changes to Create More Diverse Representation- Pasco, WA

Since the city was reorganized to a city council-city manager governing system in the 1960s, members of the council have been elected “at large” in citywide votes after winning primaries in which some seats were selected by district and other at-large. This complicated system made it difficult for minority candidates to win in competitive elections. In March 2016 the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington notified the city that it believed the election system violated the federal Voting Rights Act. Instead of fighting the ACLU in court, the city negotiated with the organization after a complaint was filed in federal court. Ultimately, the judge accepted a consent decree in which six council seats would be elected by district and one at-large.

Somos Pasco- Pasco, WA

Somos Pasco is a collaboration of the Port of Pasco, City of Pasco and Franklin County, Benton-Franklin Council of Governments, along with Pasco School District, Columbia Basin College, Pasco Chamber of Commerce, Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other Tri-Cities community organizations and businesses. Together, these partners have developed a shared vision for Pasco and its economy.

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