Chula Vista, California: Creating a Livable Community for All Ages

Due to advancements in health treatments, Americans are living longer; combine this with an aging Baby Boomer Generation and you have a recipe for a growing population of older citizens. The City of Chula Vista, a National Civic League Sustaining Member, is addressing this trend by joining the World Health Organization (WHO) and American Association of Retired Persons’ (AARP) Age-Friendly Communities Network.

By joining the Age-Friendly Communities Network, Chula Vista is making efforts to enhance the quality of life for residents of all ages. According to a letter from Mayor Mary Casillas Salas, “As an Age-Friendly City we seek to promote existing/new opportunities, deliver information through multiple communication channels, ensure access to vital resources and amenities, create accessible housing close to neighborhood hubs, provide opportunities for residents to stay engaged, promote outdoor safety, encourage intergenerational activities and deliver a transportation system that is accessible to all.”

The City has created their first ever Age-Friendly Action Plan which provides goals for implementation over the next three years. The plan was developed after gathering feedback from stakeholder meetings, listening sessions and surveys. The plan outlines goals in the following domains:

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings– Increase park usage and community ownership.
  • Transportation– Use educational tools to promote increased alternative transportation use and obtain community feedback to guide future planning efforts.
  • Housing– Provide resources and education to promote “Aging in Place” (i.e., continuing to live in one’s own home and community as one ages).
  • Respect, Inclusion and Social Participation– Develop culturally- and age- appropriate programming throughout the city.
  • Healthy Food Access and Nutrition– Increase healthy food access.
  • Civic Participation and Employment– Promote two-way engaged communication between residents and the city.
  • Communication and Information– Maintain consistent, widespread & centralized distribution of information in a culturally appropriate way.
  • Health and Community– Address inequity in emergency services in South Bay through education on preventive care, chronic disease management, centralized resources, patient centered care and advocacy

Visit the City of Chula Vista website to learn more about the initiative and to access their draft Age-Friendly Action Plan.

Browse the WHO Global Database of Age-friendly Practices to find interventions for your community. The database provides a platform for experience exchange – by local communities, for local communities. It can be searched by country, community size, and domain of intervention.

Interested in joining City of Chula Vista as a Member of the National Civic League? Join the League today!

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