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Honoring our Past is an Important Part of Our Future

Opening the doors to our future first requires learning and understanding our past. Wheat Ridge turned 50 years old in 2019. Hear the voices of the City’s founders and first families. Understanding our history is the first key to opening doors in our community.

Wheat Ridge Leads in Literacy

Wheat Ridge volunteers use bikes and books to support active minds and bodies for students. Each spring and fall, the Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Advisory Team delivers 1,000 donated books by bike to local Title 1 elementary students with an inspiring message to read and ride.

Innovation and Restoration: Fruitdale Lofts Project

Sustainability is another key to the success of Wheat Ridge. Learn about an innovative project that took a piece of our City’s history in the form of an historic school house and turned it into sustainable and affordable housing. This award-winning project has made a huge difference to the Wheat Ridge community.

Sustainability is a Key to Our Success

Wheat Ridge’s resident-lead Sustainability Committee is making great things happen in Wheat Ridge! Learn about the committee, check out the Focus Areas and Action Plan, and see real-time examples of the committee’s work on the News and Events Page.

Residents Get Involved in Wheat Ridge

In 2020, it became even easier for residents and stakeholders to get involved in City government and to have a voice on issues they care about. The City launched its Community Involvement Strategy in 2020, committing to a meaningful culture of public participation and community involvement. The strategy provides a framework for city staff across all departments to ensure active, consistent and balanced participation is achieved in decision making processes.

Check out WhatsUpWheatRidge – our online community involvement space.

Check out WheatRidgeSpeaks – our online public comment site for City Council and Planning Commission meetings.

Building an Inclusive Community

Becoming an accessible community requires vision, planning and managing change. Learn about how a new commuter rail line is a catalyst for economic progress in Wheat Ridge, providing accessibility to a new generation of residents and visitors.

Advocating for Equity

Wheat Ridge for Equity is a local grass-roots organization that supports anti-racist and anti-oppression efforts in Wheat Ridge. It’s members successfully advocated for the City’s first Race and Equity Task Force comprised of Wheat Ridge residents.

What About Wheat Ridge Employees?

See for yourself that Wheat Ridge employees know how to have a little fun…. especially members of our Police Department! Check out this awesome video that was entered into the 2019 national #lipsynchallenge.

Building Community

Localworks, A movement of citizens actively engaged in shaping and sustaining the community through placemaking, attracting and retaining diverse businesses and housing, and volunteer engagement and advocacy. The City’s partner in marketing and promoting Wheat Ridge, Localworks hosts special events throughout the year intended to bring people together and build a sense of community and belonging. One of these annual events is Ridgefest, held on the Green on W. 38th Ave., which is recognized as the City’s main street. The event features live bluegrass music, performance troupes, a classic car show, chalk art, vendors, food trucks, locally brewed beer, and fun for the whole family.

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14 Thoughts on Wheat Ridge, CO
    Ron Abo
    28 May 2021

    Wheat Ridge is a great place to live!

    chris randall
    3 Jun 2021

    Excellent metro location. Good housing and retail mix. Usable street/highway/interstate system. Near every amenity that you need.

    Laura Omdahl
    7 Jun 2021

    Wheat Ridge is a wonderful place to live! We have especially pulled together during the pandemic to support our local businesses and every year the community offers more events and amenities.

    7 Jun 2021

    Great Colorado community!

    7 Jun 2021

    Wheat Ridge has been a wonderful community to live and work in!

    7 Jun 2021

    Wheat Ride is my forever home.

    Bonnie R Botham
    7 Jun 2021

    We chose Wheat Ridge to raise our family, we were able to have an Urban Farm before they were fashionable, We have logged 32 years and are active with the Wheat Ridge Historical Society, The Wheat Ridge Livestock Association and the many events and festivals at churches and civic organizations. Our favorite is the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival!

    Karen Stanley
    7 Jun 2021

    I love Wheat Ridge and am so glad that our family made the decision to move here 10 years ago. The small town feel is great; among many other things.

    Celeste Spivey
    8 Jun 2021

    We LOVE our Wheat Ridge Community!

    Morgan Richards
    8 Jun 2021

    Wheat Ridge has started the work to create a more equitable, inclusive community. As with all DEI work in this country, this work will take time and tenacity to ensure we disrupt systemic racism in Wheat Ridge. I am proud that our community is moving forward in this work.

    Kathleen Martell
    8 Jun 2021

    Proud to be a Wheatie! #WheatiesLove

    Steve Art
    8 Jun 2021

    I love our community. Honored to be part of the AAC team

    chris randall
    8 Jun 2021

    Excellent location in the metro area. Great streets and highways. Friendly city.

    Allison W Scheck
    9 Jun 2021

    The lipsync video is the BEST! Great job Wheat Ridge Police Department!

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