2018 All-America City Awards Application

Important Dates:

  • February 2017 - February 2018: All-America City Promising Practices Series
  • October 18, 2017: Submit Letter of Intent to Apply (not required to apply)
  • February 28, 2018: Submit Application
  • April 2018: Finalists Announced
  • April - June 2018: Competition Preparation
  • June 22-24, 2018: All-America City Awards Competition and Event in Denver, Colorado.

*Important dates and detailed instructions can be found in the full application.


The 2018 spotlight for the Award are efforts focused on inclusive engagement practices that promote equity and bring all voices to the table to help solve our country’s most pressing and complex issues. With this spotlight NCL hopes to learn more about the inclusive decision-making processes that communities use to solve complex problems and move toward more equitable communities.

2018 is the 50th anniversary of the Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (more commonly known as the Kerner Commission). The report, published in 1968, concluded with words that fit easily within our own times, “it is time to make good the promises of American democracy to all citizens – urban and rural, white, black, Spanish surname, American Indians, and every minority group.”

With this framing in mind, NCL is particularly interested in learning about your projects that:

  • promote positive community-police relations,
  • promote racial healing and dialogues on race,
  • expand government and institutional representation and access,
  • further educational equity in the community,
  • create affordable and safe housing,
  • reduce poverty,
  • increase job readiness and employment,
  • focus on restorative justice,
  • seek equitable transportation access,
  • promote or ensure access to healthy food and/or to safe and healthy natural environments.

To download the 2018 All-America City Awards application, please complete this form:

Application Criteria

  1. Civic Engagement: comprehensive citizen/resident engagement in decision-making and action planning.
  2. Inclusiveness and Equity: intentional involvement of diverse segments and perspectives (ethnic, racial, socio-economic, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, people with disabilities, and others) in community decision-making.
  3. Collaboration: cross-sector collaboration (business, local government, nonprofits, military, etc.) and regional collaboration.
  4. Innovation: creative use and leveraging of community resources.
  5. Impact and Future Planning and Visioning: demonstrable, significant and measureable achievements from the past 5 years (for example: increase in number and diversity of residents involved in engagement processes, reduced poverty rates, increased access to school health services, increased number of affordable housing units). Especially for communities who have recently begun this work, we also encourage a description of a community-wide vision or long-term plan to address local challenges.

Upcoming Webinars - The Promising Practices Series

The Promising Practices Series is intended to help applicants understand what makes a successful All-America City.