Workshop: Thinking, Talking Tackling Race

All-America City Workshop:

Location: Hilton Denver City Center
1701 California Street, Denver, CO 80202
Date: Saturday, June 23, 2018
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Room: Denver

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Carla J. Kimbrough is the Racial Equity Program Director at the National Civic League. She enjoyed a career as a reporter, editor and senior manager at newspapers in Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio and Colorado. Prior to joining National Civic League, she taught a variety of journalism courses for several years at a university. She has expertise in public communications, media relations, human resources, higher education and diversity, equity and inclusion practices. Carla earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She is working toward a designation as a certified diversity professional.


What’s Race Got To Do With It?

Have you scratched your head about the protests about race occurring nationwide, or wondered why others just don’t understand the complaints? Have you pondered how to discuss race within and across racial groups? Have you wondered whether – or even how – government should get involved? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, participate in this interactive and intimate session. Participants will get an opportunity to talk about race, public policy and equitable government.

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