WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community

The WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community is providing space for communities, organizations, and coalitions to learn with one another. Together, the community reflects and takes action to address racism in relationships and in structures and systems. Register now, open enrollment closes October 15th.

Top 3 reasons to join: 

  1. Develop your identity, voice and skills to advance racial justice
  2. Share ideas and solve problems together as part of a community dedicated to this
  3. Learn to tackle racism at multiple levels to create structural and systemic change

Here’s what elected officials, government employees and community organizers can bring to the community:

  • Experience solving complex problems
  • Skills in connecting people or systems
  • Experience listening and learning from community members

 How to get involved:

  1. Register now and complete the survey to get started!
  2. Spread the word about the WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community. (Personalize sample social media images)

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