Voting by Mail, Made Easy

In the midst of a pandemic, voters are clamoring for Vote by Mail (VBM) but signing up remains a challenge. is a free, open-sourced tool, available in English and Spanish, that allows registered voters to sign up for an absentee/mail-in ballot by streamlining and digitizing the government VBM signup process for voters.

In digitized states (those with online absentee ballot applications), registered voters can sign up in 2 minutes without leaving their screen. In addition, organizers can use the platform to drive and track turnout amongst targeted groups. is live in 16 digital states and for the remaining states has partnered with to help voters complete their mail-in ballot application in states that still require voters to print and mail it themselves. If a voter is not registered, they are prompted to do so through

For Individuals provides a simple webflow for the voter to sign up for VBM.  The site looks up the appropriate local elections official and prompts the voter to provide state-specific information required for VBM signup. An email or fax  is then immediately sent directly to the local elections official with the required information entered by the user.

Watch this video demo to see how easy it is to use.

For Organizers

Organizers looking to mobilize a group or groups to vote by mail can create a customized landing page for each of their groups and easily share that customized URL in any and all promotional materials. An organizer’s dashboard provides end-to-end tracking and analytics to help track and optimize completions. Take a look at the National Civic League’s landing page below.

For more information, see this information sheet about getting started as an organizer or watch this pre-recorded demo (starting at minute mark 2:05) to see how to setup an organizer account. You can also request a demo and assistance setting up your organizer page by contacting Brett Clarke.


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