The Times Editorial Board Gets it

The El Paso Times editorial board:

“Mayor John Cook said, ‘I think our focus on children really impressed the judges.’

No doubt, because children are the future of any city and any society. Focusing on them cannot be anything but positive.

And El Paso’s delegation to the awards ceremony in Kansas City, Mo., played on that theme when it emphasized an El Paso program at public libraries promoting child literacy and health.

The award also shows that the reality of El Paso can overcome the myth in some quarters that El Paso is a violent border city. This assumption is too often made because El Paso lives in the shadow of violence of neighboring Juárez.

But that just shows the dangers of assumptions. El Paso is, and has been, designated one of the country’s safest major cities, and the murder rate here is significantly lower than in most other U.S. cities….”

Read the entire editorial here.

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