Scott County Guest Blogging

By Kathy Jasnoch

What happens if there is a tear in your community by loss of major industry, crime or the struggle with diversity determines the fabric of who you are and if you’ll grow or become a ghost town.

Our delegation is getting is a better understanding of the real problems that face America in our cities and  towns in first person. Every competitor has brought it all to share the ups and downs, the pains and joys of where they’ve been and how they are not just restoring their communities but how they are building them.

In the fabric of America we have threads of so many different strengths and we are bound by our differences and abilities to not only overcome our challenges but fight back the negative.

At this competition we are the United States. We are your threads. We are the flag you wave. We are the examples exploding with positive solutions that have cemented us in the knowledge that not only are Americans all struggling with their individual issues, we are the backbone of success in this country when we come together as a community and we bring solutions to the table.

And now we know why Scott County is here. We as a community had an idea that we were worthy of the title of All-America City. We knew or we wouldn’t have applied for this competition. But now we understand that Scott County is the reason small towns grow to cities and people move there to expereince quality of life they want for their families and their future.

When it comes down to it here, it’s what you’ve done to see that your community involves every dynamic of your population to ensure the success of everyone. And not just survive – but protect, educate and build your future and the future of our country. What we do in the borders of our county impacts America like the threads of a well woven flag. We help bind a nation. We feel confident. We already feel like we’ve won.

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