Podcast Network Explores the Future of Democracy

Are you worried about democracy in America? If you read National Civic League’s newsletter then you are likely to be interested and engaged in public affairs. Democracy is in danger and needs your help now more than ever. That’s why our friends at The Democracy Group have created a community and network of podcasts united around the goal of helping listeners understand what’s broken in our democracy, and how people are working together to fix it.

Podcasts in this network model a form of dialogue and inquiry that is civil and well-informed and a commitment to fostering civic engagement. You’ll hear from scholars, policy experts, journalists, organizers, and everyday people who are exercising the rights and responsibilities as democratic citizens.

The network includes a variety of shows from award-winners like 70 Million and Democracy Works to independently-produced shows like Future Hindsight and Democracy Paradox. Many of their podcasts are produced by trustworthy organizations including the University of Virginia, Common Ground Committee, and the Campaign Legal Center. Previous guests on the network’s shows include Andrew Yang, Ezra Klein, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Carol Anderson.

We recommend subscribing to their newsletter for podcast recommendations, deep dives, and information about how to become a more engaged citizen in saving our democracy.

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