Spring 2017: Volume 106, Issue 1

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The National Civic Review, the quarterly journal of the National Civic League, is one of the nation’s oldest civic affairs journals. Its case studies, reports, interviews and essays help communities learn about the latest developments in collaborative problems-solving, civic engagement, local government innovation and democratic governance.


Best Practices for Youth Engagement in Municipal Government

The role of citizen participation is widely understood to be crucial for effective democratic governance. Youth are citizens too but their participation in government, while often thought to be a good idea, is not widely practiced and understood. Several arguments have been advanced to underscore the importance of youth involvement.

October 12, 2017 CARLA J. KIMBROUGH

Los Angeles’ “Clean Up, Green Up” Ordinance

Instead of fighting discrete battles, Communities for a Better Environment, a California environmental justice organization, declared war against the pollution that plagues neighborhoods where people of color and poor people live. As part of that war declaration, the group became a part of a coalition to fight environmental racism. The strategy focused on executing a ground game—block by block, finding truth and building alliances.

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