Mayor Hancock Leads Denver forward on My Brother’s Keeper effort

On Saturday, April 4th Denver Mayor and NCL Board Chair, Mayor Michael B. Hancock led a Summit focused on efforts to support young men of color in Denver.  The Summit is part of the city’s work on the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative and brought together leaders and young people from across the community.  All agreed that to move forward, the community – as a whole – must take action. The cross-section of the Denver community in attendance at the Summit suggested that many people were ready to step forward and take action, together.

Mayor Hancock spoke of the personal connection he feels to this work saying, “I want to stand up and say that I’m tired of young boys and girls of color being killed in our streets. Today is a conversation to begin to address the violence in our community. The community must step up.”

The 2015 All-America City Awards is focused on identifying and celebrating communities that, like Denver, are working to engage and support vulnerable boys and young men.  Mayor Hancock’s passion for this issue and his leadership locally and nationally is why we are so excited to have him as the kick-off speaker for the AAC Opening Plenary, and to have Denver as the host for the 2015 Awards.

The Summit also featured a speech by Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia among other local leaders.

Gloria Rubio-Cortes and Michael Hancock

Mayor Hancock (Chair of the NCL Board) with Gloria Rubio-Cortes (NCL President) at the 2015 Denver MBK Summit

Lt Governor Joe Garcia

Lt. Governor Garcia speaking at the Denver MBK Summit








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