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The New Cornelius Library: A Literacy Center for the Entire Community- Cornelius, OR

The city was in need of both a library and cultural center and wanted to develop a new library. However, because of financial limitations, the library wanted to partner with a local non-profit to make the project more financially feasible. The non-profit partner will provide housing to low-income seniors in the area. This mixed-use project seeks to be inclusive and equitable of the various needs in the community.

Finding Downtown and Creating a Meaningful Core- Cornelius, OR

The City of Cornelius’ downtown area was underdeveloped and unfinished, so the city undertook an extensive public engagement process to develop a shared vision for recreating downtown to be a culturally diverse core for all residents.

Reforming the Police Department- Cornelius, OR

After an investigation revealed widespread division and inequities in the Cornelius Police Department, the city undertook an extensive public engagement process to find a way to move forward in a collaborative and inclusive manner.

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