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Time to PIVOT- Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Police Department’s Place-Based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories (PIVOT) program uses data to systematically dismantle criminal networks and eliminate safe havens for criminal activity. PIVOT empowers residents to reclaim their streets through confidential informants, visibility, and placemaking. By engaging property owners and residents, PIVOT helped create two new vibrant areas of play and community health, deterring crime with remarkable results.

The Green Cincinnati Plan- Cincinnati, OH

From its industrial past, the City of Cincinnati’s Green Cincinnati Plan (GCP) has helped to create a more sustainable, resilient, equitable future. The 2018 update of GCP was led by a diverse steering committee of leaders charged with ensuring an inclusive process for the plan, that would emphasize sustainability, resilience, and equity as components of any recommendations.

Engage Cincinnati- Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati’s formal commitment to civic engagement, seen in city staffing and the organization of community groups, has led to plans to assist vulnerable neighborhoods in going green, platforms for information sharing and engagement training and reduction of crime in targeted neighborhoods.

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