Let’s Talk about Guns in America – Resources

In response to this summer’s tragic mass shootings, the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation has put together a series of resources in the hopes that communities will put them to use in order to prevent future tragedy.

Several guides for discussion have been crafted by members of the NCDD network.

In addition, NCDD stewards Conversation Cafe, a simple and open-sourced model for conversation with can easily be adapted for a conversation on guns. All resources for these conversations are available at conversationcafe.org, including the Quick How-To Guide. You can get started with a few conversation prompts here.

In addition to the discussion models noted above, NCDD members have shared additional resources that may be of interest, including articles on the topic and more – check out this Google Doc for more information. NCDD has other existing materials posted on the NCDD Resource Center which includes articles and reports, as well as the mentioned guides.

Our friends at the National Conversation Project are gathering opportunities for folks to participate in conversations on this topic – you can see the upcoming events, or add your own, on their page here.

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