June Webinar: Health Equity and the Role of Civic Engagement

The RWJF-NCL Award for Health Equity recognizes incredible individuals who are working to promote health equity through resident engagement and systemic change efforts. These individuals are helping to create a culture of health in their community. Our June webinar will feature the 2016 and 2017 winners for the RWJF-NCL Award for Health Equity.

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Dr. Terri Richardson and Ms. Thelma Craig and the Colorado Black Health Collaborative

In 2008, after hosting an event focused on addressing health issues in the black community, Thelma Craig and Dr. Terri Richardson recognized that achieving health equity required far more than just episodic events.  Members of the community said, “you can’t just come once and leave” – it was clear that an ongoing and concerted effort was needed to move the needle on health equity. In response, to those concerns, the Colorado Black Health Collaborative was formed. Collaborative efforts are guided by a Coalition of community members including medical professionals, financial and government professionals, professionals from other non-profit agencies, college students, members of the community-at-large and others all of whom are invested in in addressing and reducing health disparities in the community. Since the early days, Thelma and Terri have been at the helm of planning, coordinating and hosting quarterly health forums, annual family reunions, workshops, and executing the Barbershop/Salon Program.  The barbershop/salon program provides blood pressure screenings and information about diabetes, heart attack, and strokes to patrons. To learn more about the work that Ms. Craig and Dr. Richardson have helped lead click here.

Elizabeth Bustos and Reverend Gerald Brown – the Southeastern San Diego Cardiac Disparities Project

Pastor Clarice Christian gets to know the individuals and families who attend her services at the Immanuel Chapel Christian Church. Some are struggling with a chronic disease. Pastor Christian says a special prayer for them. These days, however, she’s doing a whole lot more for them.

Her congregation is one of 21 participating in the Southeastern San Diego Cardiac Disparities Project. Spearheaded by the 2017 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – National Civic League Health Equity Award winners – Elizabeth Bustos and Reverend Gerald Brown – the Southeastern San Diego Cardiac Disparities Project is improving the cardiovascular health of African Americans in South San Diego by changing two fundamental systems that can influence their health: faith organizations and healthcare providers.
The heart of this project is trust — and its power to heal and build. To learn more about the work of Southeastern San Diego Cardiac Disparities Project


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