Jaylen Smith Becomes Youngest Black Mayor

“You’re never too young to make a difference in your community.”

Words proudly stated by eighteen year old Jaylen Smith, the newly elected mayor of Earle, Arkansas. While the nation’s eyes may have been on the U.S. Senate race in Atlanta, GA on December 6th, a small town in Arkansas made history with its election of the youngest Black mayor in the U.S.  Jaylen Smith launched his candidacy with words of passion for contributing to the city where he grew up and making his mark in real time.

“ I want to do what it takes to better the city of Earle, Arkansas…I don’t want to go away and come back and do it. I want to do it now and leave a legacy for future generations.”

Words that could have been stated by an individual of any age, no doubt.  Jaylen Smith graduated high school in May of 2022 and this month will step into his new job as mayor, becoming the  youngest ever Black mayor of a U.S. city. During his campaign, Smith identified his key priorities as public safety and economic revitalization.

Earle has a population of 2,164 and is 28 miles west of Memphis, TN. Smith will govern with a city council of nine members.  The League wishes Mayor Smith the best as a new mayor and role model for other young leaders in city government.

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