It’s a sign! Chandler is an All-America City!

By Kim Kaan

Take a peek into Chandler’s city limits. All signs point to the City’s status as an All-America City! Street signs, bus signs, building signs and mall signs have been making their way onto Chandler streets, announcing to residents and visitors alike that they are entering an All-America City.

Signs are posted at entry points to the city, a proud and friendly way to inform motorists that they are in one of 10 communities in the United States to win the 2010 All-America City award this past June. Posters on bus stops, tabletop tents at the Food Court of local mall, decorative markers at all the main entrances, and even, as the star on top of the City’s famous Tumbleweed Tree in downtown Chandler.

In addition to the signs, Chandler has incorporated the All-America City logo on many of its marketing materials, including the homepage of the City’s Website,, as part of every employee’s signature on e-mails, newsletters, brochures, car decals, keychains, lapel pins, and polo shirts. When new uniform shirts are ordered for employees who work in the field, the logo is added to the sleeve. When employees need to order new business cards, they will have the AAC logo on them.

In October, city employees moved into a brand new City Hall, marking a historic point in Chandler history. The city also has the logo on the plaque dedicating the new building. The AAC logo even graces the floor mats in the new building! Check out our cornucopia of AAC logo photos in and around Chandler.

Kim Kaan is the City of Chandler’s web editor.

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