Harnessing the Sun in Louisville, KY with SolSmart Gold

Louisville received the SolSmart Gold designation for removing obstacles to solar energy development,

including creating an online permitting checklist, reviewing local zoning codes, allowing solar by-right accessory use, cross-training inspection and permitting staff on solar PV, and providing a streamlined permitting pathway for small PV systems. In addition, Louisville received recognition for creating an active energy task force, hosting solar workshops for the general public and local government staff, and creating an interactive solar map.

We are thrilled to achieve Gold designation in the SolSmart program. Solar power has become very cost effective and our citizens are eager to harness the sun’s energy in their homes and businesses. Through participating in the SolSmart program, we now have a clear-cut process for permitting and installing solar panels. – Maria Koetter, Director of the Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability

“Participating in the SolSmart program has been beneficial for several reasons. First, it required the city to look at enhancing current practices to work with residents that are interested in installing solar panels. Second, the program’s technical assistance providers highlighted the need for the city to develop a consistent process to permit and to inspect solar installation projects. Lastly, it helped Louisville gain recognition for their efforts within a standardized framework that is used by other cities across the country. Looking toward the future, Louisville hopes to see more solar energy installations throughout the community. Solar energy is renewable and clean and will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are generated by Louisville’s predominantly coal fueled energy sources. The economic benefits of solar energy can help community residents see reduced utility bills as well as help building owners and businesses save money.”

In the news…

“Louisville Gains Top Solar-Ready Recognition,” Louisville Courier-Journal, March 13, 2017

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