March 12 Filing date for All-American City Grade-Level Reading Awards

A Message from Ralph Smith, managing director of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading:

Last October, more than 160 across the country submitted a letters of intent to participate in the 2012 All-America City Award for Grade-Level Reading and to join the Grade-Level Reading Network of Leading Communities. Civic leaders in most of the communities are now hard at work developing their Community Solutions Action Plans (CSAPs) to respond to three major challenges: too many children not ready for school and too far behind to catch up; too many children missing too many days of school and too much instructional time; and too many children losing ground over the summer months and returning to school in September further behind than when they left in June.

March 12 is the filing date for the CSAP. If your community was among the more than 160 that filed a Letter of Intent, this may be the time to check in with your local team leader. You can:

  • Support, encourage, and where necessary nudge the process. Let the Team Leader and her/his team know that participating the Network is important to you.
  • Volunteer to help on the task forces and workgroups charged with data gathering, program mapping, and consensus building.
  • Monitor progress, nudge, and pitch in. The CSAPs are due on March 12. How is your city coming along?

In other AAC-GLR news:

The next All-America City Grade-Level Reading Award webinar will be Thursday, February 9 at 2-3:30 PM ET.  The webinar will go over the peer review process that will be used to guide this year’s selection of participants. You will also have a chance to hear from experts in early childhood and summer learning.

Join us to get your questions answered and gather ideas as you move into the final stages of completing your Community Solutions Action Plans (CSAPs) over the next few weeks.  Click here to register.

Here are some other important documents for participants in the 2012 AAC-GLR Awards.

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