Client Spotlight: Engage Castle Pines

National Civic League is working with the City of Castle Pines, Colorado to engage its residents around the kind of future they want to create for the community.

With new development on the horizon, the community of roughly 11,000 residents could nearly double in the next 15-20 years. The League is working with the city to engage residents around what kind of a community they want to become amidst this change. Through online and in-person engagement, the National Civic League is helping the residents of Castle Pines define what makes their community unique and what steps the city, businesses and people can take together to create a stronger future.

To learn more, visit the Castle Pines engagement platform.

About the League’s Community Assistance Services:

The National Civic League’s community assistance philosophy encourages communities to view civic engagement as more than presenting information, or distributing questionnaires (though both are important); instead, we promote listening to, and learning from, residents consistently and using those insights to shape how programs are administered, designed and executed. We set a different expectation for engagement.

Expertise include:

  • Identifying ways to move from conversation to action, from ideas to implementation
  • Ensuring that engagement reaches beyond those who typically engage
  • Developing materials and processes to fit the unique context, challenges and history of the community
  • Designing and implementing public engagement processes that lead to enhanced resident knowledge, input and buy-in
  • Ensuring ongoing participation through newly formed networks across the community

Learn more about the services offered by the National Civic League and talk to the League about your local challenges and how engagement might help move the needle for your community.

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