Congratulations Olivera Jankovska

Congratulations Olivera Jankovska, the recipient of the 2023 All-America Leader Award! Olivera is the Director of Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Office of Education & Youth Engagement (MOEYE) in the City of Houston. Ms. Jankovska joined the National Civic League in Denver to accept her award as part of the 2023 All-America City Award event.  


Launched in 2022, the All-America Leader Award was created to celebrate the work of civically engaged community members. The award recognizes individuals who have successfully spearheaded civic engagement efforts in their community. The award supports the idea that anyone can be a difference maker in their community, whether it be an engaged resident, a business, a non-profit or faith leader, or a city official. 

 Ms. Jankovska is a global citizen who spearheaded civic engagement efforts in the Houston community and was appointed by Mayor Turner to lead the Office of Education & Youth Engagement in May of 2021; she is the youngest member of the mayor’s executive team. 

Today Ms. Jankovska leads Houston’s bid to become the first Child-Friendly City (CFCI) candidate in the United States as designated by UNICEF. To receive this designation, Ms. Jankovska is working with city departments and community organizations to ensure that young people’s rights, voices, needs, and priorities are integrated into public policies, programs, and decisions. 

Ms. Jankovska’s work has had an impact on all families in Houston by promoting access to equitable education and opportunities. Specifically, she leads the empowerment of all people from cradle to career (0-24 years old) to procure a future that is based on their interests, passions, and individuality and not determined by uncontrollable predicaments. Ms. Jankovska believes this is an aspiration that can be met with the engagement of young people, which constitute 25% of the Houston population. Programs led by Ms. Jankovska range from mental health to workforce development and collectively promote Houston as a safe, equitable, just, inclusive, and young people-responsive city. Through collaboration, communication, and coordination, Ms. Jankovska exemplifies the qualities of impact, inclusiveness, innovation, collaboration, equity, and civic engagement. 

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