City of Chula Vista Ranked One of the Top U.S. Cities for Integrating Immigrants

Chula Vista, California has one of the highest proportions of immigrant residents in the United States, with over 30% of the population being foreign-born.

The New American Economy’s (NAE) Cities Index has ranked Chula Vista fourth out the country’s 100 largest cities for how they integrate immigrants. It comes just after New York City, which ranked third, and before numerous other cities like San Francisco, San Jose, and Chicago.

The NAE Cities Index ranks cities in various categories related to policy and socioeconomic equity. Chula Vista received perfect scores for Inclusivity, Job Opportunities, and Livability for immigrants. This means that the City does an exceptional job of providing equal access to information, services and opportunities, providing opportunities for immigrants in the City’s workforce, and ensuring a high quality of life on measures like housing, education, and healthcare.

In 2016, 13.2 percent of immigrants in Chula Vista were entrepreneurs, 23.6 percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 41,591 were naturalized citizens.

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