Chandler, All-America City Projects

We put together this abbreviated version of Chandler, Arizona’s jury presentation video to give you a sense of the community’s accomplishments.

Chandler, Arizona: population 253,393.

Most pressing community challenges: Growth and the need to connect older residents with newer ones. Also, providing resources to older parts of the community.

Community Projects

# 1: The Chandler Community Facilities is an innovative use of public space. What started as a new surface and subsurface water recharge facility for the Municipal Utilities Department, ended up being a combined use community center complete with a police substation, park, fishing lake, community meeting place and an environmental education center.

#2: The Chandler Care Center is a school based clinic to improve health and readiness for school. The center provides free acute-care medical treatment to more than 1300 babies and kids. The number is expected to double with the completion of new facilities.

#3: The Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse is a partnership to address the issue of underage drinking. The idea came after a local youth group called ICAN identified underage drinking as a critical issue among teens in the community.

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