Activating Citizenship and Democratic Renewal through Deliberation: The Launch of FIDE – North America

The Federation for Innovation in Democracy (FIDE) has launched in North America with the goal of advancing a democratic culture that is inclusive and responsive, holds government accountable in between elections and brings a diversity of voices to the table. FIDE is committed to fostering meaningful change by amplifying voices and promoting collaboration. Through their efforts, they’re working to promote democratic renewal and consequential voice through deliberation across the region. 

FIDE North America’s activities will accelerate impact in three areas:

  1. Scaling Deep: Advocacy, Raising Awareness, and Capacity Building.
  2. Scaling Out: Providing Technical Guidance and Support, Oversight in Design and Implementation of Citizens’ Assemblies, and a robust Learning Agenda.
  3. Scaling Up: Incubating Movement Building Ideas such as the Democratic Action Fund, Supporting Institutional Change, and Long-Term Legal and Policy Impact.

FIDE – North America is supporting the following Citizens’ Assemblies that are taking shape in:  

  • British Columbia
  • Utah
  • New York
  • Yukon

Incubating Change and Learning

FIDE’s support for democratic innovation extends globally, and to measure the impact of Citizens’ Assemblies effectively in North America, they’ve launched a Learning Working Group. Through evidence-based data collection methods such as surveys, researcher observations, and in-depth interviews, they aim to provide comprehensive insights into the efficacy of deliberative democracy.

Capacity Building at FIDE – North America’s Citizens’ Assembly School

On April 18-20, FIDE – North America’s Citizens’ Assembly School offers a unique opportunity to explore innovative approaches to democratic engagement. Through interactive sessions led by local and international experts, participants will gain essential skills and knowledge to design and implement impactful deliberative processes.

 Program Highlights:

  1. Learnings from Ireland’s experience in building a robust deliberative culture.
  2. Framing a remit for impact: The crucial first step in the deliberative process.
  3. Democratic lottery, recruitment, and inclusion strategies.
  4. Perspectives on Citizens’ Assemblies from around the world as well as from North America

 Learn more and register by April 5th.

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