Taking Community Partnerships to the Next Level

The platform undergirding the Lakewood Faith Coalition (a partnership of over 70 faith communities in Lakewood who partner together to serve the city) is a nonprofit, Lakewood Connects.

Lakewood Connects seeks funding from Lakewood organizations and individuals, and the All-America City Award speaks the language of community health and success to business leaders.

Each story in Lakewood’s 2016 All-America City Award presentation featured faith communities partnering with schools and underserved neighborhoods. The national recognition connected to the All-America City Award makes all of this collaboration and service make dollars and sense to our business leaders who, in turn, fund organizations like Lakewood Connects, which in turn, lead partnership efforts. The All-America City Award was the legitimacy boost we needed to take partnership to the next level in Lakewood!

Contributed by Reg Cox
City Connector/Lakewood Connects

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Thank You to Our Key Partners