Assisted DIY Planning for Climate Resilience

While building climate resilience is a key goal of many small-medium sized communities, they often don’t have the funding needed to hire a consultant to develop their climate resilience plans. To fill this need, the Geos Institute is launching the Climate Ready Communities program to help communities build climate resilience.

As an evolution of their ClimateWise® consulting service, and in an effort to help local leaders build climate resilience at an affordable cost, the Geos Institute is launching their Climate Ready Communities program.

This program includes a free, step-by-step, comprehensive guide to climate resilience planning based on the Geos Institute’s 9 years of experience helping communities understand and adapt to changing climate conditions, and the Whole Community framework they developed during that time. Needless to say, community engagement is a key component throughout their planning process.

In addition to the Guide, the program includes an affordable, annual subscription service to support local leaders as they move through the seven steps in the Guide, as well as several add-on services, such as local climate projections, additional blocks of consulting time, and on-site facilitation.

The commercial pilot phase of the subscription service begins in late March of 2018. Geos Institute is accepting applications now through February 28, 2018 to be one of the 15 communities in this pilot program.

For more information on the pilot program, including how to apply to become a pilot community, visit:

If you have questions, please contact Christina Mills at 541-482-4459, x310 or [email protected].

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