All-America Quilting

By Gloria Rubio-Cortés

Could there be anything more All-American than a quilt?   That is why we started the All-America City quilt quilt in 2007.    The quilt squares created that year were full of life, energy, and pride.   Since then, we have heard that communities meet and make some hard decisions regarding the image, the colors, and who will create it.   For some, it is like the application, another way to strengthen their community, to rediscover what is so wonderful, and to celebrate it.

The most amazing part of the quilt idea is that it goes on a national tour to all of the communities that competed that year.   Because it is in such high demand, it remains in a community for only a few days, maybe a week, and then has to be shipped off to the next site.  National Civic League, the home of the All-America City Award, receives pictures, press releases, videos, and notes from folks all across the country who show off their local talent and the knowledge that they are all part of a bigger project – strengthening their communities and strengthening our country.

The finalists for the 2010 All-America City Awards have received their quilt squares.   Each of them will bring a square to the awards competition/workshop June  16-18 in Kansas City with images that represent their community and the projects they are spotlighting.

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