After 17 years of service, President Gloria Rubio-Cortes to retire from NCL

The National Civic League (NCL), one of the nation’s oldest civic organizations, announced the retirement of its President, Gloria Rubio-Cortes. Rubio-Cortes served the organization with incredible vigor, passion and excellence for more than 17 years, the last eight as its president. She also held the title of Executive Editor of the National Civic Review, the organization’s 103-year old, award-winning journal. Her retirement is effective at the end of 2015.Rubio-Cortes is the first woman and the first person of color to lead the National Civic League in its 120-year history. Under her leadership, the organization increased its resources and programs promoting social justice, racial healing, youth civic leadership, healthy communities and grade-level reading.  She reenergized the flagship program, the 67-year-old All-America City Awards, by spotlighting the critical issues of the day and establishing philanthropic and local government partners. She partnered with universities and philanthropies to conduct new research on the fiscal sustainability of local government and gain new insights into the role of the whole community in education. She led the National Civic Review‘s unprecedented series of special editions devoted to the 25th anniversary of the healthy communities movement, philanthropy and diversity, the role of public libraries in civic engagement, and social capital, immigration and diversity, among others.

“Gloria has led the National Civic League with a big heart and a helping hand for the people who are greatly impacting this nation by helping individuals believe in themselves and our country’s democracy,” said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who serves at the Chair of the Board of Directors. “We are grateful for her hard work that reflects such love for the organization and the people it touches every day.””It has been an honor to serve as the President of National Civic League,” said Rubio-Cortes. “I’ve been fortunate to work with so many people across this nation who dream about what their communities can be and go out and make it happen,” she said. “They are today’s heroes. With our strong network of All-America City winners, exciting new projects and a mission that resonates with people across the country, I believe NCL is well positioned to grow and succeed in the years to come.”

The National Civic League launched its the search for a new President.  A job announcement is available on the organization’s website, please see here for details.

The National Civic League is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1894 by a young  Theodore Roosevelt and other civic reformers to improve governance of cities and counties.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, its mission is to strengthen democracy by increasing the capacity of all our nation’s people to effectively and responsibly participate in and build healthy, prosperous communities across America.

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