AAC-winner profiled in British Newspaper

Wichita, Kansas, an AAC winner in 2009, is the focus of this article on volunteering and civic spirit in Great Britain’s largest circulation daily, the Daily Telegraph. Highlighted is one of Wichita’s three projects from the 2009 application and presentation. Here’s a quote:

“The nondescript road, formerly known by the more prosaic title of 21st Street, runs through one of Wichita’s most deprived districts, a neighbourhood of run-down bungalows and shacks that, until recently, boasted the highest crime rate in the city and a growing gang problem, and where 60 per cent of children live below the poverty line.”

“Today, thanks to an alliance of the city, charities and businesses, it has the lowest crime rate as well as a new school, an early-learning centre and a 45,000 sq ft recreation centre. Half the $30 million (£20 million) bill was picked up by local businesses, half by the public. Drive to the other end of town and you will find another Opportunity Drive, in another run-down area.”

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