25 Years of Healthy Communities: Part II

The National Civic League is continuing its year-long celebration of community-based efforts to promote health, equity, safety, and well-being though collaborative problem-solving and public engagement. The second of two special issues of the National Civic Review on healthy communities is now available.

Click here for a table of contents and access to PDFs and enhanced html versions of individual articles. 

Thanks again to Kaiser Permanente for support in developing and publishing these case studies, essays and topical articles. And thanks also to our co-publisher, Jossey-Bass, Wiley & Sons, for allowing us to provide free access to the contents of the two special issues.

Part II (the spring 2014 issue) drills deeper into some of the themes and questions raised in the winter 2013 issue of NCR on healthy communities.  The second issue highlights a number of place-based initiatives (and one statewide effort) further exploring facets of the movement such as health equity, obesity, walkable communities, food  and place-making. It offers insights into current practice, methods of evaluation and new forms of organizing and media. It concludes with an essay on the future of healthy communities.

The National Civic League will continue this editorial focus on healthy communities in subsequent issues of NCR, beginning with an article on the state of the global movement (by healthy communities pioneer Trevor Hancock) in the fall 2014 edition. NCL is partnering with Community Commons to enlist interest and discussion of the special issues online.

The winter 2014 issue of NCR will highlight the finalists and winners of the All-America City Awards. This year, as part of our ongoing celebration of 25 years of healthy communities, applicants were asked to highlight at least one project related to walking, biking, moving, obesity, healthy eating, health promotion and/or disease prevention, etc. The winners of the 2014 All-America City Awards will be announced June 15 during a celebration in Denver, Colorado.


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