Ethnic Fest Held at Greeley, Colorado HIgh School

Greeley West High School students and staff members held their second annual EthnicFest this week.

The student-led initiative featured a week of cultural learning experiences students, staff and the community as a whole. The goal was to highlight various cultures in the community to promote understanding and unity.

Daytime events for West students included a UNC cheerleader who overcame homelessness; a cultural panel of students representing the many Hispanic, Burmese, African and Caucasian cultures that co-mingle at the school; Native American musicians who perform with an array of authentic and unique instruments; a literal globe-trekker; and a final half-day learning experience with a wide variety of sights, sounds and tastes from across the planet.

“We made sure to reach out and include as many different viewpoints as we can,” said senior Sabrina Harms, who was a key assistant for last year’s inaugural EthnicFest.  “Our intent is to leave no one out.”

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