Workshop: 21st Century Policing and Intentional Civic Engagement

Community-Police Relations Workshop Track:

Location: Hilton Denver City Center
1701 California Street, Denver, CO 80202
Date: Friday, June 22, 2018
Time: 2:15pm – 3:45pm Workshop Block 3
Room: Penrose 2

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Joli Angel Robinson is the Manager for The Office of Community Affairs and the Youth Outreach Unit at the Dallas Police Department. She manages a team of over 35 employees including Sworn Police Officers and Non-Sworn Community Outreach Representatives. Along with her team, she has been an integral part of furthering the mission of the Dallas Police Department by seeking to establish a proactive, continuous, and positive relationship with the Dallas community. Joli graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelors of Art and Science in Sociology and Communication and a graduate degree in Communications specializing in Organizational Communication Management. She is continuing her road to higher education by pursuing an EdD in Organizational Change & Leadership at the University of Southern California.

Karen Chesson, Community Relations Manager, Norfolk Police Department. Karen Chesson has served as the Norfolk Police Department’s Community Relations Manager, since 2014. After serving 6 years with the Department as the Civilian Public Information Officer (PIO), under the direction of then Deputy Chief, L. D. Boone, who now is the Chief of Police. As she assumed her current role, Chesson was challenged to create and develop a series of innovative civic engagement initiatives and platforms to foster positive relations between community and police, utilizing her experience as a civilian PIO who had her finger on the pulse of the community. Adding to her skillset, her experience as a former radio personality in the region serves her well because of her vast community reach. Chesson initiated the Department’s social media presence, and now specifically contributes civic focused posts that highlight the on-going activities, events and initiatives that share the progression of relations between community and police in the City of Norfolk, Virginia. Chesson represents the Norfolk Police Department on several collaborative city, community, and business partnerships, and has given presentations to the Norfolk City Council, faith based communities, and a number of civic and non-profit organizations. Parker-Chesson is a graduate of N.C. A&T State University(Greensboro N.C.), with a B.A. in English.

Sgt. Aprell Copeland, the OIC of Norfolk PD Community Affairs Section, Aprell Copeland, a Police Sergeant, has been with the Norfolk Police Department since 2003.  Upon graduating from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she decided to pursue a selfless career in law enforcement where she has served in field operations, community policing, criminal investigations, human resources, fiscal management, and as acting lieutenant. Currently assigned to the Department’s Community Affairs Section (CAS), Sergeant Copeland oversees a team of six police officers who are responsible for managing crime prevention efforts, and coordinating and maintaining community relations throughout the City of Norfolk. Passionate about promoting consistent and positive community engagement, Sergeant Copeland’s ambition is to develop innovative community outreach initiatives which promote healthy interfacing between law enforcement and members of the community that fosters trust, respect, and understanding.  She believes problem solving occurs through ongoing partnerships between the community and the police.


21st Century Policing and Intentional Civic Engagement:

The objective of this workshop is to raise awareness of various 21st Century Community Policing strategies and stimulate conversation and information sharing for building trust with diverse communities with a focus on racial healing and relationship-building with all communities.

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