2012 AAC Grade Level Reading Award Webinar

Tune in to a webinar for the 2012 All-America City Grade-Level Reading Award hosted by the United Way, the National League of Cities, the National Civic League and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.  Part 1 of the webinar will be September 20 at 2:00 pm EDT.  Part 2 of the webinar, featuring local perspectives on the benefits of the All-America City Awards will be Oct 3 at 2:00 pm EDT.  For more information link here.

Here are some other useful resources for those interested in finding out more about the AAC GLR awards.

2012 AAC Letter of Intent

Sample Letter of Intent (Be patient. It takes a minute to load the Word document.)

Frequently asked questions

Campaign for Grade Level Reading Backgrounder

Guidelines for Mayors

Guidelines for Community-based Organizations

Guidelines for Business Leaders

Campaign for Grade Level Reading Video

Archived Webinar Presentation (PDF) on AAC 2012

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